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Hi. I'm Rob Kelly of Oakland, California (a husband, daddy and long-time documentary nerd). Thanks for checking out my newsletter!

I Believe Documentaries Are The New Book

Hi. I'm Rob Kelly of Oakland, California (a husband, daddy and long-time documentary nerd). Thanks for visiting my site!

Are you smart and curious and love to learn and laugh — but you’re super-busy?

I’m on a completely insane, and totally epic, 15-year quest to find the best documentaries in the world.

I watch a “doc” just about every day. 

I’ve got 4,100+ of them organized by 1,900+ genres in a humungous (and really ugly) Google Sheets spreadsheet.

Now, I’m sharing the best of them in an email newsletter called “Daily Doc”.

I believe that documentaries are the new book (and I love books!). 

Did you know that the word “Documentary” is Googled 5X more in 2024 than twenty years ago. 

Meanwhile, the word “Book” is down 11.5% during the same time 

Most of my Daily Doc recommendations come from other “maniacs on a mission” who I’ve collected as friends over the years.

Some are elite performers in their niche (so they’ve watched the best docs on what they do!).

And some are in weird sub-cultures that often make for the best stories!

Others are just doc nerds like me who love finding truth that’s stranger (or cooler) than fiction.

One super-cool thing?

I notice that documentaries are a throughline among curious, intelligent and kind people. 

How do I pick which docs I recommend in Daily Doc?

The docs must meet 2 simple criteria. They must be:

  1. highly watchable (you’ll want to binge-watch) and
  2. highly shareable (you’ll want to tell your family and buddies about it!).

A key goal for me is to save you massive time.

So, every newsletter is short (usually 2 to 3 sentences).

And each newsletter includes an easy link for where the doc is streaming (Netflix, Hulu, Max, Disney+, YouTube, etc.).

You’ll be amazed at how many free links to docs I find.

I will also blow you away with rare footage. 

I just found a cool new 1-minute long colorized version of guys climbing a mountain in 1899!

Yeah, I count that as a doc! I get to make the rules around here. 🙂

These are docs that you’ll be telling your partner or friends or kids about over dinner or drinks!

If you love docs, you can subscribe right here on the Daily Doc home page. 

But don’t subscribe unless you REALLY love documentaries.

I want super fans only. 

“True Fans” as Kevin Kelly says.

If you want just the mainstream documentaries everyone knows about, you can find the predictable bullsh!t on Oscar night or in USA Today and RogerEbert.com.

But if you want the good sh!t…the Glengarry leads, then join me on this crazy crusade. 

I won’t let you down!

Thx, Rob Kelly

Chief Maniac, Daily Doc



Documentaries Reviewed


Genres Covered


Other Documentary Fans Who Sent Me Tips