The 15 Best Golf Documentaries [Ranked 2024]

Get behind the scenes with the biggest names in golf.

Watch the PGA vs. LIV’s “Civil War” up close.

See the “Next Tiger”  through a championship of 7 to 8 year olds.

Laugh on the links with Bill Murray and his family.

I’ve got it all below (with my score out of 100 on how watchable each doc is).

Here ya go:

1) Full Swing


“You picked a hell of a year to start following the PGA Tour,” says Ian Poulter in the trailer.

Full Swing is a 16-part docuseries (2 seasons) providing unprecedented access to the biggest names in golf on all four of golf’s major championships (The Masters/Augusta National, PGA Championship, US Open and Open Championship).

It includes the “civil war” in golf: the Saudi-backed LIV Golf vs. the incumbent PGA.

It’s produced by the team that did the popular “Formula 1” docuseries on Netflix and it shows.

Golf is sexy.

Golfers jet around for their next 6 to 7-figure pay day (for a 4-day weekend on the links!).

Full Swing profiles big names during the 2022 tour, such as: Brooks Koepka, Justin Thomas, Rory McIlroy, Tony Finau, Dustin Johnson, Jordan Spieth, Ian Poulter, Collin Morikawa, Rickie Fowler, Joel Dahmen, Mito Pereira, Scottie Scheffler (#1 by annual earnings!), Matt Fitzpatrick, Sahith Theegala, and Cameron Young.

And don’t miss the behind the scenes story about Tiger always being the first to text Rory after a match.

The highlights above are for Season 1 (8 episodes) which came out on Netflix Febrary 15, 2023.

Season 2 came out March 6, 2024 and I’m just watching it now but here are some highlights:

  • LIV Golf challenges PGA at the Masters. Rory McIlroy steps up.
  • The shocking LIV/PGA merger.
  • Joel Dahmen tackles fame and fatherhood. Wyndham Clark seeks mental game aid.
  • 20-year old Tom Kim’ shines at Presidents Cup. Major expectations loom.
  • Post-US Open, Alex Fitzpatrick aims to emerge from brother’s shadow.
  • Ryder Cup Drama — Zach Johnson picks team and Justin Thomas fears missing Rome.
  • Rome Rivalry — U.S. eyes Ryder Cup victory;Luke Donald leads Europe’s charge Team USA’s Ryder Cup struggles. An 18th green incident spikes tensions.

Here’s the link to watch Full Swing:

2) Tiger


The 2-part docuseries (180 minutes) is inspired by the 2018 biography “Tiger Woods” by Jeff Benedict and Armen Keteyian. Tiger did not participate in either the book or the film (which I think makes for a more objective telling of his tale).

“”Tiger” delves into the journey of the golfing legend, his rise to fame, subsequent fall, and triumphant return. The doc features interviews with key figures such as Woods’ former caddie, Steve Williams, his ex-girlfriend, and notable personalities like Nick Faldo, Bryant Gumbel, and Rachel Uchitel (who was embroiled in Woods’ infidelity scandal).

We all know Tiger dominated? Youngest Masters winner (21), 683 weeks at No. 1… Our man redefined golf. Now, you might ask, “What’s the catch?” The doc answers: fame isn’t a free pass.

Tiger’s ’97 Masters triumph? Electrifying. His public image crash (2009), painful. If you’re a sucker for intense highs and lows, “Tiger” fits your bill.

This doc pulls no punches. Like “Amy” did for Amy Winehouse, it humanizes an icon. There’s magic in the mundane too… An unexpected highlight? The footage of a young Tiger, crafting his skill in the garage. Can’t help but root for the kid.

Woods’ father Earl Woods is heavily featured because of his impact on Tiger’s career. He and Tiger are both likeable villains.

The takeaway? Success is a fickle friend… and so are we, the public. We’re quick to celebrate, quicker to condemn. Maybe, just maybe, we can be a tad kinder.

I watched Tiger on Max at

3) Shark


“The best golfer NEVER to win a green jacket.”

“Shark” (120 minutes) focuses on Greg Norman’s stunning collapse (from a 6-shot lead) in the final round of the 1996 Masters. This 30 for 30 doc is directed by Jason Hehir (“The Last Dance,” “The Fab Five,” “Countdown: Inspiration4 Mission to Space”) and Thomas Odelfelt.

Twenty-five years after that ’96 shocker, Norman returns to Augusta to revisit the most dreadful day of his golfing journey. Some call this the biggest collapse, not just in sports, but in sports history (others argue that van de Velde’s 1999 British Open meltdown (see Losers below) was even more colossal). Either way, Norman’s 1996 Masters is etched in sports lore.

“Shark” is gutsy, much like its subject. It presents Norman in raw form – unfiltered, uncensored. Did I mention the ’96 Masters? Norman’s crushing defeat? It’s edge-of-your-seat stuff.

But hold on… where’s the PGA ’95? A glaring omission from an otherwise impeccable doc, me thinks.

What do we learn? Even the best in the game face crushing defeat…and persevere.

I watched it on ESPN as part of my YouTube TV package. You can watch it directly on ESPN at

4) The Short Game


“The Short Game” (100-minutes) features pint-sized golf prodigies. It’s “Spellbound” on the putting green.

Produced by Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel and skillfully directed by Josh Greenbaum, the film follows the journey of eight talented participants competing in the 2012 U.S. Kids Golf World Championship.

It visits each of the eight young golfers at their homes, some living as far away as Paris, Manila, Johannesburg, and Shenzhen, China. Notably among them are Allan Kournikova, half-brother of Anna Kournikova, Sky Sudberry, and Augustin Valery, the great-grandson of French poet Paul Valéry.

Through these visits, we get to know the kids and their families intimately.

Double-check. Kournikova’s (7) quest for the U.S. Kids Golf Championship? Another standout? Zambia’s star golfer, Amari Avery (8), for sure.

I wish they showed more of their earliest days? Their first swing? Missed opportunity, right?

What’s the takeaway? Dreams have no size… And these kids? They’re big dreamers.

I watched it on Netflix at

Thanks to wine sales exec (an avid golfer and father of a future golf star!) Jonathan Udkow for the tip.

5) Loopers: The Caddie’s Long Walk


Golf is a centuries-old pastime but rarely do we hear about the game’s central figure: the caddie.

Often characterized by the adage “show up, keep up, and shut up,” a great caddie proves to be so much more. Acting as a player’s psychologist, parental figure, technical advisor, and trusted confidante, they play multifaceted roles in shaping a golfer’s performance.

“Loopers” (narrated by golf lover Bill Murray!) reveals the intricate dynamics between legendary partnerships, like the touching tale of Tom Watson and his caddie Bruce Edwards. Additionally, it explores the journey of rising caddies, like Greg Puga, a young talent from East Los Angeles who defied the odds to reach Augusta and compete in the Masters as a Mid-Amateur Champ.

Through stunning visuals captured on iconic courses such as Pebble Beach, Augusta National, St. Andrews, Carnoustie, Prestwick, Ballybunion, and Lahinch, “Loopers” is a visual masterpiece. This doc will change the way you perceive golf.

I watched it for free on YouTube here: It’s also on Amazon’s Prime Video at

6) Hit it Hard


John Daly has “the swing of a young Jack Nicklaus…the swagger of a young Arnold Palmer” (thanks, Jim Nance!).

He’s overweight. Boozes and smokes on the course. Gambles too much.

Yet he wins the Masters!?

There’s never been a more colorful (and perhaps loved) golfer than John Daly. Get ready to “grip it and rip it”

I watched Hit it Hard on ESPN as part of my TV package. You can also watch it on ESPN+ (subscribers only) at or buy the episode for $3.99 on YouTube here:

7) Becoming Annika


You know Annika Charlotta Sörenstam? Swedish golf maestro. “Becoming Annika” is the tale of this record-blasting phenom (90 global wins…72 LPGA victories…ten majors.

Retired, then back at 50! Wins the 2021 U.S. Senior Women’s Open… Come on, who does that?

Inside scoops in this doc? Family chats, bigwig interviews, and golf gurus spill the beans. Secrets, stories, and maybe even a scandal.

You can watch it for free on YouTube at

8) Losers: The 72nd Hole


Here’s the trailer for the full “Losers” docuseries –“The 72nd Hole” is episode 8 of season 1.

The Losers docuseries covers French Golfer Jean van de Velde who (spoiler) blows a 3-shot lead on the 18th hole of the 1999 British Open. Jean Van de Velde, ranked 152 in the world with only one prior European Tour victory, came close to an upset win at the 1999 Open Championship in Carnoustie.

Starting the final round with a five-shot lead over Justin Leonard and Craig Parry, he needed just a double bogey six on the 18th hole to become the first Frenchman since 1907 to win a major golf tournament.

Unfortunately, a series of challenging shots led to a triple-bogey seven, resulting in a three-way playoff, which Paul Lawrie ultimately won.

I watched “Losers” on Netflix at

9) The Founders


In a legendary tale, thirteen courageous women defied societal norms, prejudices, and stereotypes, forging an enduring and global sporting legacy.

The year was 1950 when these amateur women golfers faced numerous obstacles: society’s expectations, financial constraints, and even occasional conflicts among themselves.

Yet, undeterred by these challenges, they boldly set out to establish the Ladies Professional Golf Association (The LPGA) and pursue their dreams of becoming professional sportswomen.

Through a combination of rare archival footage, historical re-enactments, and present-day interviews with surviving founders and leading players, their extraordinary story of redemption and resilience unfolds.

In a world where male athletes commanded adoration and lucrative rewards, The Founders funded their own tournaments in small, remote towns.

Doubts lingered about the appeal of female golfers.

They traveled thousands of miles each week, not only to tee off on challenging courses but also to prepare and maintain them.

This doc serves as a long-overdue tribute, shedding light on the hidden efforts of these trailblazers and recognizing them as true icons of both sports and equality.

I watched Founders for free on YouTube at You can also watch the doc for free (with a library card) at both Kanopy ( and Hoopla (

10) The Links Life: Ireland


The Bill Murray and family show! Travel across Ireland with New York Times best-selling golf author Tom Coyne and comic legend (and golf fan) Bill Murray.

This journey offers glimpse into one of golf’s most iconic personalities (Bill Murray), as well as his brothers, cousins, kids, and friends.

It’s a 10-day buys tour across world-class golf courses. It’s like being on vacation with the Murrays.

You can watch it for free on YouTube:

11) Uneven Fairways


“Uneven Fairways” is a documentary that examines the history of golf its relationship with race and civil rights.

The doc has stories of pioneers who broke barriers and fought for equality on the golf course.

You can watch it for free on YouTube at

12) Seve: The Movie


Ever heard of Severiano “Seve” Ballesteros? A small village boy turned golf giant. “Seve: The Movie” captures it all.

Picture this: a kid from Spain, golf club in hand, eyes set on greatness. This doc, 120 minutes of pure inspiration shows his humble roots to the grandest of stages.

If you savored “The Greatest Game Ever Played”, you’ll love “Seve: The Movie”.

Seve’s play is described as magical. Remember Tiger’s famous chip? Imagine that… multiple times.

Seve’s charisma? Infectious. There’s this one… Seve, young and fierce, facing a crucial putt. Crowd’s silent, tension high, history in the making…

Wish they’d covered that ’87 Ryder Cup moment though… such a clincher!

Golf fans, sports enthusiasts, or someone needing a little push? This doc’s for you.

I watched “Seve” for free on YouTube at but check out here to see what other streamers it’s on:

13) Chronicles of a Champion Golfer


In 2016 to 2017, The Open (golf’s most international major championship) released its “Chronicles of a Champion Golfer” series.

It’s nine episodes of golf legends (25-minutes each) over 2 seasons.

Then, around 2021, The Open came out with an additional 7 profiles.

So, in total, there are 16 profiles in all.

You’re not going to find anything controversial here.

But the episodes are tight bios of each golfer.

Here’s where to watch the first 9 “Chronicles of a Champion Golfer”:

  1. S1.E1. Tiger Woods (free on YouTube)
  2. S1.E2. Greg Norman (free with subscription to The One Club)
  3. S1.E3. Tom Watson (free with subscription to The One Club)
  4. S1.E4. Ernie Els (free on YouTube)
  5. S1.E5. Jack Nicklaus (free with subscription to The One Club)
  6. S1.E6. Darren Clarke (free with subscription to The One Club)
  7. S2.E2. Nick Faldo (free with subscription to The One Club)
  8. S2.E3. Lee Trevino (free with subscription to The One Club)
  9. S2.E4. Gary Player (free with subscription to The One Club)

Then, “Chronicles of a Champion Golfer” released the same format (about 25 min.) profiles of another 7 legends, all of which are on YouTube for free (they should also be on The One Club if you subscribe). Here are the links to watch those:

  1. Rory McIlroy (free on YouTube)
  2. Phil Mickelson (free on YouTube)
  3. Shane Lowry (free on YouTube)
  4. Jordan Spieth (free on YouTube)
  5. Padraig Harrington (free on YouTube)
  6. John Daly (free on YouTube)
  7. Louis Oosthuizen (free on YouTube)

14) Tiger Slam


I love when a doc “niches down” to focus on a superstar (“genius”, some say) like Tiger Woods.

In this case, “Tiger Slam” focuses on just one piece of Tiger: the magical stretch from June 2000 to April 2001 in which he earned the “Career Grand Slam” (winning all 4 Majors in a row (so he held all 4 trophies).

This had only been done by Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player, Ben Hogan and Gene Sarazen before him.

Produced by a trio of golf heavy-hitters (David Duval, David Feherty, and Butch Harmon) “Tiger Slam” is as polished as Tiger’s trophy collection.

Tiger is interviewed for the doc as are the following 10 people:

  • 4 players: Jack Nicklaus, Johnny Miller, David Duval and Butch Harmon
  • 6 media personalities : Jim Nantz, Mike Tirico, Scott Van Pelt, David Feherty, Dan Hicks and Roger Maltbie,

The doc is narrated by the cool/gravelly voice of actor Michael Kenneth Williams (“The Wire”, “Boardwalk Empire”).

You won’t find any Tiger gossip or controversy in this doc.

It’s just a straight down the fairway look at golf history.

Watch “Tiger Slam” for free on YouTube by clicking the embed above or here: or here on Vimeo:

15) Fairways to Happiness (2022)


Do you like golf and want to be happier?

“Fairways to Happiness” ( 1 hr 25 min) is on that exact crossover.

The 2022 doc follows Doug Morrione (also the director), an American expat in Dubai and a British golfer, connecting lives across continents.

Dubai, with its iconic skyline, becomes our stage—a welcome change for a New Yorker who arrived in 2014, seeking a city focused on happiness and well-being.

And Doug gets access inside Dubai’s pioneering “Ministry of Happiness” where he sees how a government tries to influence a society’s happiness.

The doc also covers British expat Eugene Kerrigan, a passionate but laughably unskilled golfer.

He’s on a quest to finally break 80.

Beyond Dubai, the doc travels to Nepal, England and Ukraine.

Watch “Fairways to Happiness” for $ rental on Amazon, Apple TV, YouTube and Google Play. Check here for the latest streaming options.

16) Tiger Woods 2019 Masters Win

CBS and Paramount+ are airing a documentary on Tiger Woods’ 2019 called “The 2019 Masters: A Sunday Unlike Any Other”. The release date is April 13, 2024.

I’ll add the link to Paramount+ when it’s available.

In the meantime, here’s the trailer:

Bonus: Funny Golf Videos

Ps: In my research on golf docs, I ran into a couple of funny golf videos. Here they are:

Dorf on Golf (1987)

“Dorf on Golf” is comedian Tim Conway, in his diminutive Scandinavian alter ego, Derk Dorf.

This 1987 gem is a riotous 30-minute ride that redefines golf lessons.

Conway’s Dorf is a bumbling golfer with a clueless caddie named Leonard.

As they stumble through the golf course, you’ll witness Dorf’s comical attempts to improve his game, including some wacky gadgets.

“Dorf on Golf” is directed by Roger Beatty and written by Tim Conway himself.

Watch “Dorf on Golf” for free on YouTube by clicking the embed link above or here.

The Sweet Spot (2002)

Bill, Brian, John, and Joel Murray do five 30-minute episodes on travel golf destinations for Comedy Central

They go from the heartland of Wisconsin to the sunny fairways of St. Augustine, Florida to the tropical greens of Jamaica to the desert oasis of Palm Springs, California.

The Murray brothers are hilarious but take their golf seriously.

And the fifth Murray brother, Ed, drops in now and then, adding to the fun.

“The Sweet Spot” used to be on Comedy Central…but no more.

All I can find is the trailer above and these 2 short clips (which, oddly, don’t have the Murrays in it but are on the themes of golf):

Thanks for reading, golf doc fan!

Rob Kelly, Chief Maniac, Daily Doc