Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage

“Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage” is a celluloid love letter to three nerdy, Canadian high school dropouts who somehow became rock gods. I love Rush — they have their own … Read more

The Quest for Tannu Tuva

“The Quest for Tannu Tuva” follows Richard Feynman and Ralph Layton’s 10-year obsession with the remote region of Tuva in Russia. Despite many setbacks, including rejection letters from Moscow, they … Read more

The Fantastic Mr Feynman

This is probably the most comprehensive of the Richard Feynman documentaries. I rank it #3 on my list of The 10 Best Richard Feynman Documentaries. I give a big joyful … Read more

Just. One. Mile.

In the unforgiving mountains of Tennessee, a hundred athletes compete in the Mid-State Mile, a race like no other. No finish line. No trophy. No prize money. The winner is … Read more


“Guitar” (1991) is the ultimate love letter to the instrument, hosted by Jeffrey “Skunk” Baxter of Fleetwood Mac and Doobie Brothers fame. It’s the best documentary on guitar I’ve seen…by … Read more