Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage

“Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage” is a celluloid love letter to three nerdy, Canadian high school dropouts who somehow became rock gods. I love Rush — they have their own … Read more

The Quest for Tannu Tuva

“The Quest for Tannu Tuva” follows Richard Feynman and Ralph Layton’s 10-year obsession with the remote region of Tuva in Russia. Despite many setbacks, including rejection letters from Moscow, they … Read more

The Fantastic Mr Feynman

This is probably the most comprehensive of the Richard Feynman documentaries. I rank it #3 on my list of The 10 Best Richard Feynman Documentaries. I give a big joyful … Read more

Just. One. Mile.

In the unforgiving mountains of Tennessee, a hundred athletes compete in the Mid-State Mile, a race like no other. No finish line. No trophy. No prize money. The winner is … Read more

Jesus Camp

“Jesus Camp” is a holy roller coaster that’ll leave your soul dizzy and your brain doing theological backflips. It’s currently the 7th best documentary in my list of “Best Religious … Read more