Ren Faire

Imagine “Game of Thrones” meets “Succession,” set in the wild world of America’s largest renaissance festival. When the eccentric king George announces his retirement to focus on his bizarre goal … Read more


I can’t make this sh!t up: A call center in New Jersey recruits only ex-cons and drug addicts. They snort cocaine and heroin and drink whiskey…while at their desks making … Read more

King of Collectibles: The Goldin Touch

I loved the “King of Collectibles” docuseries from Netflix. Imagine if “Antiques Roadshow” met “Hard Knocks” and then had a baby with a history textbook. That’s “King of Collectibles.” Each … Read more

River Monsters

River Monsters is like “Jaws” meets “Crocodile Dundee”. I rank it #1 in my list of Best Fishing Documentaries (19 of them — all ranked!). Thanks to Jackson Lockhart’s “The … Read more