Michael Lewis Commencement Speech at Princeton (2012)

Here’s writer Michael Lewis (“Liar’s Poker” and “Money Ball” doing a commencement speech at Princeton at the Baccalaureate speech in 2012.

The popular speech (it was the most-read story on Dow Jones Financial News the week it came out) is also called “Don’t Eat Fortune’s Cookie.”

I love it because it’s short. It’s funny. And it’s helpful.

It’s full of career advice that writers and Wall Streeters and career mentors will especially like.

If you like the subject of luck, you’ll also enjoy it.

It includes how by happenstance he sat next to the wife of someone at Solomon Brothers.

That woman helped get Lewis a job — he became a derivatives expert at Solomon. Then he quit Solomon to write about Wall Street (“Liars Poker”).

It sold one million copies.

Thanks to the Colossus Media weekly newsletter for pointing it out.

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