Alone in the Wilderness

In late Spring of 1968, at age 51, Dick Pronneke leaves civilization behind to explore the remote Twin Lakes of the Alaskan wilderness.

He kept journals and filmed his oddyseey with a tripod camera…for the rest of his life (30 years).

Think of it as “Cast Away” meets “Planet Earth”… minus Wilson.

Note: A Swedish teenager got inspired by Pronneke to build his own log cabin (see my review of that documentary here: “3 Years Alone in the Forest Building a Log Cabin”).

Thanks to Joe Rogan for first pointing this doc out; and to the Wayback Machine for sourcing some of the doc.


Where to Watch Alone in the Wilderness?

The best place to stream Alone in the Wilderness (the full movie) for free is on here:

Source of video above:

But there are also a number of clips od Alone in the Wilderness for free on YouTube (I think these clips aired on PBS):

I found this Alone in the Wilderness footage on YouTube…but it appears to be what some people call “Part 1 and Part 2”):

YouTube Part 1:

YouTube Part 2:

But parts 1 and 2 don’t cover the full 57 min. doc.

It’s possible, that this clip of the movie below is of some of the rest:

There’s some talk (on Reddit) about streaming Alone in the Wilderness on Netflix or Amazon. But I haven’t ever heard of that.

Still, you might want to check out this page periodically to see what the latest streaming options are:

If you’re not online, Amazon sells the DVD for around $29 here:

Bonus Dick Pronneke movie:

If you love Alone in the Wilderness, you might also check out The Frozen North, a documentary that Dick Proenneke directed alone. You can watch that for free here:

Vitals of Alone in the Wilderness

  • Genre: Nature, Survival
  • Release Date: 2004
  • Director: Dick Proenneke, Bob Swerer Jr.
  • Narrator: N/A
  • Duration: 57 minutes

My Favorite Parts (Includes Spoiler Alerts!)

  • Dick wouldn’t kill big “game” (caribou, moose, bear) to eat because it was too much for one man to eat.
  • He ate trout and berries
  • He feeds birds and squirrel by hand.
  • He builds his log cabin in about 2 weeks.(10 hours a day)..all by hand.
  • He starts building his new cabin with front door facing Northwest and a window facing the lake.
  • One year he used a pedometer for a full year. It registered 3,081 miles (an average of about 9 miles a day).
  • “Solitude is not loneliness.” – Dick Proenneke.
  • Wildlife… close-ups! Bears, moose, birds… nature’s symphony.
  • Footage of Twin Lakes… breathtaking views, mirror reflections.
  • 30 years. Dick’s footage compiled.

Thanks for reading!

-Rob Kelly