I love AlphaGo. It’s the David vs. Goliath of A.I. documentaries. Will man or machine triumph?

In this case, it’s Google Deep Mind versus “The Michael Jordan of Go”.

They play the 4,000 year-old board game in front of 80 million people.

Thx to Gady Costeff (co-creator of Chess Query Language) for the tip.


Where to watch?

Watch the full AlphaGo doc for free on YouTube:


  • Genre: Artificial Intelligence
  • Released: 2017
  • Director: Greg Kohs
  • Doc length: 90 minutes

My Favorite Parts (Includes Spoiler Alerts!)

  1. In ancient China, Japan and Korea, Go (a game older than chess) is a “noble art along the lines of music and traditional arts (painting, sculpture, etc.). 
  2. “The number of possible configurations on the board of Go is larger than the # of atoms in the universe” — DeepMind CEO Demis Hassabis
  3. Google’s DeepMind’s training is awesome. Check out how it learns and then masters the video game Breakout.
  4. 80 million people watch the big match of AlphaGo versus the best (human) player (Lee Sedol).
  5. Google founder Sergey Brin and Google CEO Eric Schmidt are at the match.
  6. Match Play — DeepMind wins the first 3 games, and match, easily. But games 4 and 5 go on. And, though on the ropes, Lee Sedol plays what the Deep Mind team calls a “1 in 10,000 God move” and comes from behind and wins. In game 5, AlphaGo makes a number of what pros say are “mistaken moves”. But it turns out AlphaGo is picking up on an unconventional goal which is to win, not by a lot (which most humans want) but by a tiny margin.
  7. AlphaGo wins game 5 (and the match)

A Cool Scene

LEE SEDOL: “This move…impossible.”
TEAM MEMBER: “You okay?”
LEE SEDOL: “I thought I knew Go…”
[long pause]
TEAM MEMBER: “This changes everything.”


-Rob Kelly