American Treasures Show

“American Treasures” is like “Indiana Jones” meets “Antiques Roadshow”.

It’s where the ordinary turns extraordinary.

Archaeology professors Dr. Kirk French (Penn State) and Dr. Jason De León (UCLA) .

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill treasure hunt; it’s a rollicking journey across America,

French and De León uncover the hidden stories behind supposed backyard finds.

Buckle up for a ride through history, mystery, and the sheer joy of discovery — all wrapped up in the quest to separate fact from fiction.

Watch “American Treasures”

You can stream the following episodes of the American Treasures show for free on Vimeo:

Episode 1: Guns and Moonshiners

Episode 9: New Orleans Haunts (aka “Katrina and Voodoo”)

Right now, I don’t see any other places to watch the “American Treasures” show. You would think that HBO’s Max would have it (since Max parent Warner Brothers owns Discovery).

But I don’t see it.


  • My Rating: 88/100
  • IMDB Rating: 7/10
  • Rotten Tomatoes Ratings: /100 (Users); /100 (Critics)

Review of “American Treasures”

American Treasures, or as it eventually got dubbed, Artifact or Fiction. Picture this: You’re Kirk French, and you’ve got this wild idea.

You know how folks sometimes dig up what they swear is a dinosaur bone in their backyard, but it turns out to be an oddly shaped rock?

Kirk thought: “Hey, why not make a show about this?”

But not just any show.

A show where they actually go out, meet these optimistic treasure hunters, and figure out if they’ve really stumbled upon a piece of history or just another piece of the puzzle that is modern-day folklore.

The Discovery Channel, home to all things wild and wonderful, decided to give Kirk’s idea a shot.

And boy, did they run with it. Each episode was a mini adventure.

You’ve got guns linked to outlaws, mysterious bullets, supernatural tales that sound straight out of a Halloween special, and even UFOs because why not throw some science fiction into the mix?

But here’s the kicker: While Kirk and his buddy Jason De León were out there having the time of their lives uncovering America’s backyard secrets, they were also wrestling with the network.

Discovery wanted drama, thrills, the kind of stuff that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. Kirk, though, he was all about the science, the ethics, and, importantly, the truth.

Balancing entertainment with education isn’t a walk in the park, and this tug-of-war with the network is the untold story I found myself itching to hear more about.

Now, if you’re thinking this sounds like your average treasure hunt show, think again.

American Treasures took it a step further. It wasn’t just about proving or debunking myths; it was about the stories behind these supposed treasures, the people who believed in them, and what these beliefs say about our culture.

It was, in essence, a deep dive into the American psyche, sprinkled with a healthy dose of skepticism and a love for the unknown.

As for the episodes, they were all gems in their own right, but a few stood out. “Pirates and Plunder” felt like stepping straight into a storybook, complete with tales of buccaneers and lost treasures.

“Witches and White Magic” had that eerie vibe that makes you question every creak in your house at night. And “UFOs and Atom Bombs”?

It was like a conspiracy theorist’s dream come true, blending history with mystery and a dash of science fiction.

In the end, American Treasures left me with a mixed bag of feelings.

I was entertained, no doubt, and I learned a thing or two about history, myth, and how the two intertwine.

But I also walked away with questions about what goes on behind the scenes.

I’d like a doc on the battles fought in the name of integrity and authenticity!

It’s a show that makes you think, laugh, and maybe, just maybe, look at your own backyard a little differently.

The episode list is:

  1. Guns and Moonshiners: Kirk and Jason track a rare gun allegedly owned by John Wesley Hardin and a suit linked to Bonnie & Clyde.
  2. Bullets and Bloodsuckers: Hunting the chupacabra and investigating a bullet possibly linked to Sam Houston.
  3. Witches and White Magic: Exploring supernatural objects and a stone indicating Scottish explorers in pre-Columbus America.
  4. UFOs and Atom Bombs: A camera connected to the Manhattan Project and Roswell’s metallic debris are examined.
  5. Cold Steel; Stone Faces: Investigating ancient stone carvings and a Revolutionary War-era sword.
  6. War and Pieces: Unraveling the history of a box filled with keepsakes and a flag from a wartime past.
  7. Big Easy Legends: A trumpet linked to Louis Armstrong and a rare absinthe fountain are investigated.
  8. Pirates and Plunder: Tracking a pirate hook and a gold ring with King Louis XIV’s seal.
  9. New Orleans Haunts: Delving into the ghostly history of New Orleans.
  10. Cracking Capone: Investigating artifacts linked to Al Capone.

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Rob Kelly, Chief Maniac, Daily Doc