The 7 Best Biker Documentaries (Ranked)

Here are the top ranked biker docs I can find.

I tried to include the Big Four motorcycle clubs (Hells Angels, Bandidos, the Outlaws MC and the Pagans MC).

I’ve got Hells and Bandidos below and will actively look out for Outlaws and Pagans docs.

That said, I found some others too.

The docs are ranked based on how watchable I found them.

Note: I list only Biker documentaries here. If you want a broader list of motorcycle documentaries, check out my 20 Best Motorcycle Documentaries (Ranked) article.


1) Hells Angels Forever

Hells Angels Forever (1983) tells the origin story of the Hells Angels.

They start off as a World War II squadron of American daredevil bombers.

They meet Sandy Alexander, an early pioneer of the Hells Angels.

It’s got tons of interviews with members across the U.S. (from the Bay Area (Oakland, Sonoma and San Francisco) to New York City.

It’s also got interviews with celebs Willie Nelson and Jerry Garcia.

There’s some awesome tunes from Johnny Paycheck (love that guy!) and Bo Diddley.

It’s 1 hr and 33 min. and directed by Richard Chase, Leon Gast, and Kevin Keating.

I see 2 places to watch “Hells Angels Forever”:

2) Among Wolves

“Among Wolves” (2016) digs into the lives of a Bosnian motorcycle club with a twist—these bikers are war veterans, turning their gritty pasts into fuel for good.

They ride through Bosnia’s scarred landscapes, not just for the thrill, but to heal and help.

The club, the Wolves, channel their wartime skills to shepherd their community, proving that even the toughest exteriors can guard the most tender of hearts.

It’s a story of redemption, camaraderie, and finding peace on two wheels.

It’s directed by Shawn Convey wand is 1hr and 34 minutes

Watch “Among Wolves” for free on Kanopy (with library or university card) at

3) Outlaw Chronicles: Hells Angels

The History Channel’s “Outlaw Chronicles: Hells Angels” docuseries profiles the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club. It’s centered around former President George Christie’s take on the Club.

Christie’s interviews qualifies it for a docuseries but most of the footage is dramatized based on his stories.

Here are the episodes:

  • S1.E1 – The Angels Code: George Christie unveils the rigorous and secretive initiation rites of the Hells Angels, providing a rare glimpse into the codes that govern this infamous motorcycle club.
  • S1.E2 – The Wild Life: Christie exposes the extreme revelries of the Hells Angels, where debauchery and danger intertwine in their pursuit of outlaw fun.
  • S1.E3 – Making Money: From ragtag misfits to a lucrative empire, Christie reveals the diverse ways the Hells Angels have amassed their wealth.
  • S1.E4 – At War: The episode explores the Hells Angels’ violent conflicts with rival gangs, particularly the Mongols, through Christie’s insider perspective.
  • S1.E5 – Breaking the Law: Christie recounts the club’s ongoing battle with law enforcement, highlighting their tactics to remain one step ahead of the authorities.
  • S1.E6 – Sonny vs. George: The complex rivalry between Sonny Barger and George Christie is dissected, revealing the power struggles that have shaped the club’s history.

Watch the first episode for free on YouTube here: There’s also a free option to watch it on Hoopla (with library card) or on the History Channel. To see an updated list of those streaming options, check out

4) Bandidos Motorcycle Club — Texas (1979)

The Bandidos Motorcycle Club, often referred to as the Bandido Nation, is the #2 MC after the Hells Angels.

Originating in San Leon, Texas, in 1966, it is believed that the Bandidos MC consists of approximately 2,000 to 2,500 members spread across 303 chapters in 22 different countries.

Founded by 36-year-old dockworker Donald Eugene Chambers, the Bandidos Motorcycle Club draws its name from the Mexican outlaws.

Chambers, inspired by these bandits, initially gathered club members from biker bars in and around Houston, Corpus Christi, Galveston, and San Antonio.

Adopting the moniker “one percenters,” the Bandidos align themselves with the notion—originally expressed by a past president of the American Motorcyclist Association—that while 99 percent of motorcyclists are law-abiding, one percent are considered “outlaws.”

I couldn’t find a good documentary on the Bandidos, but I did find the above footage of them hanging out.

Watch this Bandidos Motorcycle Club footage for free on YouTube (thanks to “MOBFAX”) here:

5) Ride Free Or Die

“Ride Free Or Die” (2019) looks t the political part of motorcycle clubs,.

The 77-min. doc spotlights their battle to defend constitutional rights in the face of profiling and harassment by law enforcement.

This documentary showcases perspectives from both motorcycle clubs and law enforcement entities across various locations.

Rent it on Amazon ($.99 last I looked). Check here for the latest streaming options:

6) Hessians MC

For five decades, the Hessians Motorcycle Club’s legacy of violence, wild parties, and fierce brawls has remained legendary.

In this gritty expose, members reveal their raw, unfiltered tales and trace the history of a club that’s both celebrated and scorned in motorcycle folklore.

1h 12min | 2005.

Watch it on Amazon for $.99. Check here for the latest streaming options:

7) I Ride: The Movie

In 1982, in tribute to their cherished brother Mark, Harry and Tommy Fryed established The Fryed Brothers Band to immortalize his memory.

Spanning nearly thirty years, The Fryed Brothers Band has etched a distinctive place within the biker community.

They’ve earned the moniker “The Most Dangerous Biker Band in the World”.

Damn, they can play!

The doc came out in 2013 and is 73 minutes.

Where to Watch? I don’t see any options online right now to watch “I Ride”. Check back here for the latest streaming options:

What about biker documentaries on Netflix?

A ton of people have asked about motorcycle club documentaries on Netflix (including one on the Hells Angels). Unfortunately, there’s nothing there.

You’d think they’d have something — maybe some day!

Thanks for reading!

Rob Kelly, Chief Maniac, Daily Doc.