The 30 Best Motorcycle Documentaries (Ranked 2024)

The biggest names in motorcyles are all here.

Of course, you’ve got Ewan Mcgregor and Charley Boorman (multiple times) — their docs dominate but (SPOILER ALERT), they don’t take the #1 spot.

Guy Martin’s here. Brad Pitt’s in the house. Valentino Rossi…check. Mark Neale…check. Bruce Brown…check.

There’s even a Steve McQueen spotting!

Best of all, these are all true stories.

I had a lot of fun writing up this one.

Note: I did not include biker/motorcycle club docs in this list. I feel like those docs are a different genre and deserve their own list.

I keep those here: The 7 Best Biker Documentaries (Ranked).


1) TT3D: Closer to the Edge


If “Rush” were a motorcycle doc, it would be “TT3D”. Set on the Isle of Man, this isn’t just about racing; it’s about legends.

The Isle of Man TT Race. Arguably the deadliest race in the world. Tight roads, high walls, insane speeds. And every racer knows the risks, but they chase the thrill.

Guy Martin leads the pack. An eccentric, tea-sipping truck mechanic with racing in his blood. Raw (brags about his masterbating), charismatic, Guy epitomizes the TT spirit: pure, wild, adrenaline-fueled passion. But it’s not just about Guy.

The doc also spotlights John McGuinness, a legend with over 20 TT wins, and the young gun, Conor Cummins. Their stories intertwine, providing a rich tapestry of resilience, ambition, and sheer human spirit.

“If you loved ‘Senna’, you’ll love ‘TT3D: Closer to the Edge’.” The imagery? Stunning. Motorcycles ripping through picturesque landscapes juxtaposed with personal, heart-rending moments.

Take the scene where John McGuinness reflects on his legacy or when Conor Cummins recounts his dramatic crash.

I wish there was a deeper dive into the event’s rich history. But that’s a nitpick. The takeaway? The TT is more than a race. It’s a showcase of human ambition, guts, and glory.

I watched it for free on YouTube at

2) Hitting the Apex



Want raw, unfiltered motorcycle racing? Meet “Hitting the Apex.”

Narrated by Brad Pitt, directed by Mark Neale. Sounds big-time, right? But it’s the racers that steal the show.

Valentino Rossi. Nine-time world champion. Charisma? Overflowing.

Jorge Lorenzo, precision incarnate. Won’t crack under pressure.

Marc Marquez? Young blood, older ambition.

Three titans, one track.

But hang on… ever heard of Marco Simoncelli?

Tragic hero, hair wilder than his style. Or Colin Edwards? They call him the Texas Tornado, and damn, he lived up to it.

Want to know what goes inside a racer’s helmet? Look no further.

Get this: 200mph. Racers inches apart.

One mistake? Catastrophe.

Scenes etched in memory?

Simoncelli’s crash. Harrowing. Marquez’s insane overtakes.

Every second counts, every decision monumental. The Isle of Man TT looks like child’s play in comparison.

Fast bikes, faster lives. Risks? Astronomical. Rewards? Legendary. But… there’s always a but. Some depths remained unplumbed. What’s going on in Rossi’s head during that last lap?

For fans? A must-watch. For the uninitiated? You’ll still like it.

Watch “Hitting the Apex” on:

Other streaming options might be at

3) Long Way Round


Ewan McGregor. Charley Boorman. Big names, bigger ambition. Two best mates, one goal: circumnavigate the globe. On bikes. Sounds insane? That’s ‘cause it is.

19,000 miles. London to New York City. Facing the daunting Changthang Plateau. Navigating Mongolia’s rugged terrains. Siberia? Nightmare. But these two? Relentless. “Motorcycle Diaries meets Into the Wild.” But rawer. Realer.

Scene that nails it? McGregor’s breakdown, deep in Mongolia. Vulnerability on display. Their camaraderie? Infectious. Gut-wrenching moments? The Kazakh border standoff. Talk about tension!

It’s “Motorcycle Diaries” meets “Into the Wild” The best parts of this 10-episode docuseries? The unexpected. Being adopted by a Siberian family? Braving gun-toting border guards?

It’s more than just a ride. It’s a journey. Of friendship. Of discovery.

Ready for a road trip? Just remember: it’s the detours that define the journey.

Watch it on AppleTV+ at It looks like you can also watch the first 7 episodes for free on Youtube at

4) Long Way Down


Ever thought, “What’s the sequel to Long Way Round?” Enter “The Long Way Down”.

This time, Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman flip the script. Swapping east-west for top-down. Europe to Africa. Ten episodes, 540 minutes. One epic road trip.

But it’s not just a different direction. Africa? A whole new beast. It tosses challenges. Terrain, climate, politics. Each country’s a fresh puzzle. Starting Scotland. Ending Cape Town. Wild, right?

Here’s a teaser. Remember the Changthang Plateau? Now, imagine Kenya’s simmering heat. Sudan’s relentless deserts. Botswana’s Okavango Delta. Treacherous? Every bit.

Moments that stick? Ewan and Charley’s shock meeting the UN in war-torn Ethiopia. Raw reality. Another? Their brush with local customs in Malawi. Hilariously off-beat.

How’d it stack against Long Way Round? Well, grittier roads. Deeper connections.

Sure, there’s familiarity. Yet, this is no rerun. Each episode? Packed with spirit. Humanity.

It’s not just about the ride. It’s the soul of the journey.

Watch it on AppleTV+ at

5) Road


It mirrors “TT3D: Closer to the Edge” in intensity. But “Road” delves deeper. Family. Sacrifice. Legend. That’s the Dunlop name.

Directed by Michael Hewitt and Dermot Lavery, “Road” pulls you into 102 minutes of raw intensity.

This isn’t your Sunday cruise. It’s a relentless pursuit. Two generations. One family. The Dunlops. Joey and Robert. Then William and Michael. Through Northern Ireland’s winding roads, this family’s dedication… staggering.

1980s to 2000s. Watch as each rider tackles the perilous North West 200 and Isle of Man TT races. But it’s not just about speed or glory. It’s about legacy. And for the Dunlops, it’s almost a birthright.

Joey’s fearless runs? Still legendary. Then, there’s Robert. His crash? Brutal. Yet, he gets back. Why? The road calls. Now, William and Michael? They push the envelope, honoring their past.

For standout scenes? Joey’s 1985 Isle of Man win. Iconic. Robert’s return after his 1994 crash? Gut-wrenching. It’s a doc that doesn’t shy away from the dangers. The thrills? Sky-high. The lows? Heartbreaking.

For the motor-sport enthusiast? A must-watch. For the uninitiated? An exhilarating journey.

Watch “Road” (with ads) at or on these other streamers:

6) Long Way Up


Remember Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman’s Long Way Round journey. The one where they tackled the globe on motorbikes? Or the Long Way Down escapade? This? Long Way Up. A new chapter. But how does it measure up?

13 episodes. Clocking in at 45 minutes each. Starting from the southernmost tip of South America, Ushuaia. Destination? Los Angeles. But there’s a twist. Electric bikes. Harley-Davidson LiveWires, to be precise.

Long Way Round? A testament to friendship and raw adventure.

Long Way Down? A deeper dive into Africa’s heart.

Long Way Up? Eco-conscious.

While maintaining that brotherly charm, you see McGregor and Boorman grapple with charging infrastructures. A new challenge. But their camaraderie? Intact.

Remember the Kazakhstan leg in Long Way Round? This is that, but with Bolivian salt flats. A standout? Ewan and Charley navigating Chile’s Atacama desert. It’s not just landscapes. It’s about adapting. Electric. It’s new…challenging.

McGregor’s laughter? Boorman’s rants? Classic. For fans of their previous jaunts, this is home. Yet, with a fresh twist.

Long Way Up isn’t just a journey on bikes. It’s about evolution. Of transportation. Of friendship. Of the future.

If you’re into green tech? A gem. If you’re here for bromance? Still golden. If you don’t like road trips and brotherhood, skip it. 🙂

Watch it on AppleTV+ at

7) Riding Solo to the Top of the World


Ever felt the call of the wild? Or yearned for solitude on the open road? If Long Way Round gave you the team dynamic, Riding Solo to the Top of the World is the introspective antithesis. It’s raw. Solo. Real.

77 minutes. Just one man, Gaurav Jani. And his trusted Royal Enfield. Destination? Changthang Plateau in Ladakh. At 17,582 feet.

But it’s not just about the journey. It’s also the filmmaker. Jani’s the rider and the entire film crew. Talk about multitasking!

Through the mesmerizing landscapes of Ladakh, he encounters unexpected challenges. And let’s not forget, locals. Nomadic tribes. Their stories? Heartwarming.

A standout scene? Jani’s interactions with the Changpa nomads. Pure, unfiltered human connection.

It’s not about high-speed thrills. It’s reflective. The sheer vastness of the landscape juxtaposed with Jani’s solitude? Mind-blowing. His resilience? Inspiring.

Think of it. One bike. One man. No backup. Riding Solo to the Top of the World is the essence of motorcycle adventure. Stripped back. Raw.

For a taste? Well, I can’t provide a direct link here, but just punch in “Riding Solo to the Top of the World trailer” on YouTube. Dive in. It’s a ride worth taking.

Watch it for free on YouTube at

8) Faster


Engines roar. Tires screech. Adrenaline. “Faster,” the 2003 motorcycle doc, catapults you directly into the world of MotoGP, the pinnacle of motorcycle racing.

For 103 thrilling minutes, you’re on the edge of your seat as the biggest names in the sport thunder across racetracks around the world.

Valentino Rossi. The Doctor. His unique charisma and unmatched talent make him the undisputed king. But this ain’t just about him. Meet his challengers: Biaggi, Gibernau, Hopkins. Each with dreams, egos, and the burning desire to finish first. It’s not just a race; it’s a dance of thunderous machines… with the risk of deadly missteps.

The standout? A gut-wrenching crash sequence. No fancy CGI. Raw, real, heart-stopping. And those behind-the-scenes interactions? Priceless. It’s a look into the sacrifices made to kiss that finish line.

“Faster” isn’t just about speed. It’s about passion, rivalry, and the relentless pursuit of greatness.

It’s a gasp. A cheer. A tear. Riding is an art. Racing? That’s war.

Faster is for lovers of high-speed duels and those curious about the psyche of racers who risk it all. Ready for a whirlwind tour of the MotoGP circuit? Strap in. Your heart rate’s about to match theirs.

Watch it on Amazon Prime Video at or for free with ads on Tubi at Check here for other options including, possibly, Roku and Vudu:

9) Dust to Glory


Off-road madness. Baja 1000. A race so brutal, it’s legendary. “Dust to Glory”, a 2005 doc, plunges you into the heart of the longest continuous point-to-point race in the world. For a gripping 97 minutes, you’re on a wild ride across the deserts of the Baja Peninsula.

Think motorcycles, trucks, ATVs… all tearing through a perilous landscape. It’s a race against time, elements, and sheer exhaustion.

Meet the riders. The McMillins, J.N. Roberts, and, oh boy, motorcycle champ Mouse McCoy. He’s attempting the impossible: riding solo. 32 hours. No break. Is he mad? Brave? Both? A scene where his bike falters in the pitch-dark night? Jaw-dropping. And those heartwarming local kids cheering them on? It adds depth… and heart.

Got a buddy who thrives on adrenaline? “Hey, ever thought about racing the Baja 1000?” See them light up or run away. This doc? It’s the closest many of us will get.

“Dust to Glory” isn’t just about racing. It’s about crazy, beautiful souls who don’t mind getting usty?

Watch it for free (with ads) on YouTube here: (note: YouTube will remove the ads if you pay for YouTube Premium). You can also buy it on Amazon.

10) The Doctor, The Tornado & The Kentucky Kid (2006)


Laguna Seca. 2005. MotoGP’s grand return to U.S. soil after over a decade. Dive into “The Doctor, The Tornado & The Kentucky Kid” for a thrilling 102-minute exploration of this iconic race.

Loved “Faster”? This is its sequel… and it’s exhilarating.

Picture this: deafening roars, sharp turns…oh, and it’s all on the Corkscrew, the track’s most dangerous section.

Meet the titans. Valentino Rossi (“The Doctor”) – charisma, talent, a motorcycling god. Colin Edwards (“The Tornado”) – tenacity incarnate, with Texan swagger. And then, Nicky Hayden (“The Kentucky Kid”). Local boy. Massive underdog. His race to clinch a podium finish? Goosebumps. Moments like Rossi and Hayden’s battle on the track? Electric. Witnessing the fervor of home fans cheering for their Kentucky Kid? Pure emotion.

Here’s a fun fact… during a crucial part of the race, Nicky’s mother watched from between her fingers.

This isn’t just any doc about racing. It’s a dive into strategy, passion, and heart.

Watch it on Amazon Prime Video at or Tubi (with ads) at

11) On Any Sunday


Bruce Brown: the same genius who surfed the waves in “The Endless Summer”.

Now? He conquers the motorcycle scene with

“On Any Sunday”. A 96-minute ride, and what a wild one.
Racing fan? Bike enthusiast? Doesn’t matter. “

On Any Sunday” speaks to the soul of anyone with a love for thrill. It’s “Bullitt” meets “Days of Thunder”… but real. And let’s be honest. How many times have you watched a movie and thought, “Is that for real?” Here, every rev, jump, and crash is authentic.

The brilliance? Mert Lawwill’s struggle to retain his AMA title. Malcolm Smith’s off-road adventures. And then… Steve McQueen. The King of Cool himself. Racing through the dunes. Pushing limits. You see stars, champions, weekend warriors, all sharing the same passion.

Ever watched a scene where racers wipe out, then laugh it off? Classic. And a motorcycle ballet? Yup, that’s in here. Gave me a good chuckle.

This isn’t just about racing. It’s about freedom, the spirit of adventure, and the sheer joy of riding. It captures the essence, the community, and the love for the sport. Almost half a century old, but its heart? Timeless.

Watch it for free on YouTube at or Kanopy (free with library card) at Other streaming options are on

12) Fastest


Valentino Rossi. The GOAT? For many, absolutely. “Fastest” is a 103-minute deep dive into MotoGP’s fierce championship.

Rossi’s 2010 leg-break? Gut-wrenching. And then, his remarkable comeback. But wait, it’s not just about him.

Lorenzo, Stoner, Pedrosa…all show up, and not just as mere cameos. You feel the tension, the rivalry. Real racing, real stakes.

Ever heard a MotoGP bike up close? It’s music… if music was made by thunder gods. “Fastest” captures that, and more. The whispers, the roars, the silent moments before the storm of a race. Intimate. Powerful.

Quote of the doc? “You have to feel a MotoGP bike.”

One scene. Rossi, staring down a circuit, determination written all over. That look? It’s what sets champions apart. Why some riders become icons. For fans, a treat. For the uninitiated? Welcome to MotoGP.

Stream it for free on Cinverse/YouTube at You can also stream it (with ads) on Tubi or Plex at You can also pay for it at AppleTV and Amazon (see here for options:

13) Unchained: The Untold Story of Freestyle Motocross


At 92 minutes, this doc dives into the adrenaline-packed universe of freestyle motocross.

Born from the dusty trails and screaming two-stroke engines… this isn’t your grandpa’s motorcycle story.

The sport’s pioneers? Names like Travis Pastrana, Brian Deegan, and Mike Metzger.

These daredevils don’t just ride; they soar, spin, and sometimes… crash. Hard. “Remember when Pastrana pulled off that double backflip?” Iconic moments.

Director Paul Taublieb shows the sport’s gritty beginnings to its meteoric rise. But he doesn’t shy away from the darker moments either. The injuries, the rivalries (Spoiler: It ain’t always pretty.)

I watched Unchained on Netflix awhile back but I don’t see it on there right now.

You can watch it for free on YouTube via Indie Rights Movies at

14) Being Evel


Evel Knievel. Daredevil. Icon. Controversy.

“Being Evel” takes us on a 99-minute wild ride into the life of America’s most legendary stuntman.

Jumping buses on a Harley? Done. Snake River Canyon on a rocket? Tried. The man was fearless, sometimes to a fault. The doc doesn’t shy away. The highs. The lows. The very lows. Bankruptcy, divorces, jail time.

Knievel had it all. But the stunts? Jaw-dropping, even today.

“Nobody wants to see me die, but they don’t want to miss it if I do.” That’s Knievel in a nutshell.

A stand-out moment? That crash while attempting the Caesars Palace fountain jump. Brutal. A series of bone-crushing tumbles. But, that’s Evel for you. Break bones, get up, repeat.

Yet, beneath the stunts, the doc digs deeper. The man behind the myth. The decisions, the regrets. His personal struggles. Love him or loathe him, there’s no denying his impact. He didn’t just jump bikes; he leaped into pop culture, big time.

Watch it for free at:

There are some other options here:

15) Why We Ride


Passion. Adrenaline. Legacy. “Why We Ride” dives straight into the beating heart of motorcycling. Within its gripping 89-minute runtime, you’ll encounter a spectrum of riders and their riveting tales. Think of this as the cinematic cousin of “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.”

Motorcycle enthusiasts, like Ed Kretz, impart their stories. Ed, the first winner of the Daytona 200, stands out. He’s not just a biker. He’s a legend. Through him, we trace back to the roots of American motorcycling, feeling every rev and vibration.

A standout? An interview with Kenny Roberts, the “MotoGP legend”. He breaks down the thrill, the fear, the love for the sport. With every word, you’re closer to understanding the psyche of a biker.

In essence, “Why We Ride” goes beyond the machine. It’s a heart-pounding, soul-searching journey into the world of riders. So, gear up and dive deep into this world. By the end, you’ll know exactly why they ride.

You can stream it with ads on Vudu and Tubi or pay for it at AppleTV at

16) Leaving Tracks


Meet Bobby Haas. Not your typical motorcycle enthusiast. Once a financier, now a photographer.

In “Leaving Tracks,” we’re offered a 96-minute window into Haas’s journey from the boardroom to the open road (and sky).

“If you liked ‘Riding Giants’ for surf culture, you’ll love ‘Leaving Tracks’ for motorcycle artistry.” Ever seen a flying motorcycle? Haas captures it.

His aerial shots? Breathtaking. He covers landscapes of Africa to tight-knit biker communities.

We’re taken into the world of custom bike creation. Artists like Shinya Kimura and Craig Rodsmith illuminate this niche realm. Metal transformed. Artistry revealed.

Haas’s encounter with a life-threatening illness shifts gears, making the doc more than just about bikes. It becomes a reflection on life and legacy.

Right now, I only see paid options to watch it at

17) Sit Stay Ride: The Story of America’s Sidecar Dogs


Bikers, open road, dogs joyriding in sidecars. Think “The Fast and the Fuious” with Fido in the passenger seat.

It’s the world of dog-loving motorcyclists. Ron and his German Shepherd, Steve, steal the show. Daytona Beach’s rally? Woof-tastic moments aplenty!

There’s one scene… Ron, sidecar, doggo sunglasses.

However, the doc missed a trick. More personal backstories would’ve been killer (why, Ron, did you first pop Steve in that sidecar?)

For the motorbike aficionados, some sweet rides get showcased. And for the dog lovers, well, endless canine cuteness.

Could’ve done with fewer slo-mo dog shots and maybe a sidecar build tutorial, right?

But it’s a light watch. Best part? Those beaming, wind-swept doggie faces.

See paid streaming options at

18) Charge


IT’S THE Isle of Man’s TT race, but with a twist: electric motorcycles. Teams on a mission, busting internal-combustion norms.

Michael Czysz’s “MotoCzysz” and Mark Neale’s direction are a cunning combo. Czysz, a former racer, turns visionary. Neale’s love of motorcycles makes him a better director than most. And it’s narrated by (who else) Ewan McGregor.

Creating electric bikes? No cakewalk. The “MotoCzysz” team’s journey? Riveting. Agni Motors, though, throws down a challenge. A race in more ways than one.

One scene: A bike breakdown. Mechanics scrambling, clock ticking… pure adrenaline.

Early days of e-motorcycles, this doc captures the charging woes and all the skeptics. These racers? Brave new world navigators.

If you’re itching for high-speed chases, look elsewhere. This? It’s a study in innovation… breaking boundaries.

Yet, “Charge” left me wanting. Perhaps more rider interviews or a look into the e-motorcycle future?

For those wary of electric bikes? Give it a go. You might just get a…charge out of it.

Right now, Amazon, Roku and Vudu are streaming it, according to

19) Dream Racer

Gear up for a real white-knuckler, friends!

Dream Racer is a two-wheelin’ documentary about a French banker named Christophe who decides to scratch that adventure itch by qualifying for the legendary Dakar Rally—considered the toughest, most dangerous motor race on Earth!

It’s a grueling 14-day, 10,000 km monster winding through the harshest terrain Argentina and Chile can throw at ya!

We’re talkin’ ruthless desert dunes and treacherous Andes peaks.

And Christophe wants to tackle it solo, with no big-budget team or mechanic…just him, his bike, and a filmmaking buddy.

This average family man trains for a year to get Dakar Rally-ready, hoping to survive qualifying against fully-sponsored pros.

And while his wife frets so much you’d think her hair pick would run clean outta bobby pins, ya gotta respect Christophe’s courage to risk it all chasing his dream before life passes him by.

Dream Racer offers an award-winning, helmet-mount view of this machine-vs-man war for the ages—10,000 km of willpower, endurance, and dancing with death across the planet’s harshest terrain.

I don’t see anywhere to watch “Dream Racer” right now excep t to buy the Blu-ray/DVD on Amazon here.

20) Somewhere Else Tomorrow

Six years back, Daniel kicked off with just a motorbike and a bucket full of dreams (and no cash — he aims to earn it on the road!).

His aim: to hug the globe on two wheels.

Fast forward 946 days, and boom, he’s rolling into New Zealand, completing a ride that’s nothing short of epic.

“Somewhere Else Tomorrow” (2014) is a 1hr 47min. ride into the extraordinary.

It documents Daniel’s as he motorcyles around the world.

It’s a travelogue that’s as much about the journey as it is about the cash he scrapes together en route.

It’s packed with adventure such as him breaking down in Afghanistan.

Yet, at the heart of this adventure are the souls Daniel bumps into, especially one special lady for whom he’s willing to park the bike.

Watch “Somewhere Else Tomorrow” for rent on Amazon, Apple TV, YouTube et al. The latest streaming options should be here:

21) A Twist of the Wrist II

A Twist of the Wrist II!

Keith Code returns to bring his bestselling rider improvement bible vividly to life in this must-see video companion.

It don’t matter if yer just a Sunday scooter or aspiring pro racer, Keith teaches all you greenhorns the advanced skills for expert cornering and control.

Even the roughest riders get their spurs caught on things like visual focus, braking tendencies, throttle finesse and body positioning.

So Professor Code breaks it all down nice and simple-like into precision techniques to help you improve your two-wheeled craft.

It’s a visual masterclass covering his specialized curriculum for conquering corner apexes, finding hidden speed through turns, smoothing your inputs and upping your lean angles for that knee puck paydirt!

Watch “A Twist of the Wrist II” on Amazon by renting it (a high $9.99 last I checked). The full streaming options should be listed here:

22) Throttle Out (MotorTrend)

MotorTrend’s “Throttle Out” follows lifelong two-wheeled fanatics Ari Henning and Zack Courts as they take their motorcycles on real-world adventures.

Across 20 episodes and 2 seasons thus far, the hosts pay homage to the 1962 Baja 1000 endurance run, build zombie apocalypse junkyard choppers, drop a banshee ATV engine into a Yamaha street bike, and attempt to outrace sports cars on two wheels.

They also brave winter riding in the Pacific Northwest, construct a 5-person family motorcycle called the Sport Utility Cycle, and much more mechanical madness!

Whether it’s fabricating custom oddities like amphibious “boatorcycles,” rescuing cows on modified bikes in Nepal, or racing the legendary Isle of Man TT course on dirt bikes, Throttle Out proves two-wheeled machines can move you in infinite ways.

Watch “Throttle Out” on MotorTrend+ at

23) Motorcycle Man (PBS 2023)

A 30-minute doc on Dave Roper, a man dedicated to a singular passion: motorcycle racing.

Since 1972, Roper has consistently participated in races, maneuvering exotic vintage bikes across global racetracks.

His prowess has earned him the status of a revered figure in the sport, celebrated as a folk hero among enthusiasts.

Watch Motorcycle Man for free on PBS at

24) Motorcycle Man (BBC 1977)

This 10 min. doc short from the BBC is about the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy TT.

It’s just raw footage with no narration but viewers on YouTube love it.

@GregRSVR claims that No. 5 at the beginning is Peter McKinley RIP killed at Milntown in ’75 (“a bloody quick rider”).

The film is dated 1977 but some viewers claim the footage is from 1973 or ’74.

The doc is director by Peter Barber and produced by Andree Molyneux.

Watch “Motorcycle Man” for free on YouTUbe here at

25) Spiros and the Circle of Death

“Spiros and the Circle of Death” (2020) follows Spiros, Greece’s last remaining old-school motorcycle wall of death performer carrying on his family’s 50-year legacy in the daring sport.

This 56-minute doc (in Greek, it’s called “(O Spiros ke o Gyros tou Thanatou)”) offers a human portrait of a disappearing profession.

And the one risk-loving speed junkie trying to keep tradition alive.

The “wall of death” is a motordrome consisting of a vertical wooden cylinder track nearly 20 feet high.

Riders throttle motorcycles inside this wall at speeds over 60 mph while using centrifugal force to defy gravity’s pull.

It’s a death-defying feat.

Spiros continues his family’s nomadic lifestyle living in a caravan, touring with a team of riders to perform dangerous motorcycle acrobatics on the wall of death.

It’s a trade passed down for generations – from his grandfather to father to uncle and brother over 50-plus years.

But in economically troubled Greece, Spiros struggles to survive while keeping the act going.

Team members frequently abandon him, yet he soldiers on – risking his neck riding the wall daily, hoping to inspire his own sons to take the reins someday.

It’s directed by Lino Kafidas and Dimitris Kafidas.

I have only watched the trailer to “Spiros and the Circle of Death” and can not find the full doc anywhere.

Please ping me if you know of a link to the full doc!

26) 12 O’Clock Boys


Cowboys aren’t just found in the country. “12 O’Clock Boys” rips open the streets of Baltimore to show the URBAN cowboys.

These cowboys ride dirt bikes, ATVs and anything else that produces the defining “wheelie”.

They call themselves the “12 O’Clock Boys”.

Pug, a precocious 13-year-old, serves as our guide. His dream? To join this notorious dirt bike gang. As the engines roar and the bikes dominate the streets, we watch Pug’s journey, fraught with the challenge of adolescence and a city marked by socioeconomic struggles.

“Do you see that look in Pug’s eyes?” Passion, or perhaps desperation.

Director Lotfy Nathan manages a dual feat. He showcases dazzling, gravity-defying stunts. There’s also just bat-shit crazy stuff like one kid who rides along a cop and kicks it (HARD).

But Nathan also zooms into the heart of the riders.

Got a taste for “Kids” by Larry Clark? “12 O’Clock Boys” serves a similar vibe. The streets, the kids, the rebellion.

Watch it for free on Kanopy (with a library card) at or if you subscribe to Paramount+, Showtime, DirecTV and Fubo. You can also buy it on AppleTV.

27) Oil in The Blood


At 128 minutes, this doc dives deep into the heartbeats of motorcycle enthusiasts. Custom builds, artistic expression, mechanical passion.

If “The World’s Fastest Indian” was a love letter to speed, “Oil in the Blood” is a poetic ode to creation and craftsmanship. This doc hands you the wrench, sparks and welder.

Director Gareth Maxwell Roberts presents not just bikes, but the artistry, craftsmanship, and the spirit behind them.

He traverses the globe, from the bustling streets of LA to the muddy lanes of Wales.

Why? To meet the craftsmen, the rebels, the visionaries… We’re introduced to individuals like Roland Sands and Shinya Kimura. Their hands tell tales – of burns, cuts, and oil smears.

Watch it for free on YouTube at (same as the inline video above).

28) Road to Dharma

The Road to Dharma docuseries is part doc, part meditations.

There’s a bit of Tony Robbins meets “Easy Rider” here (the Tony Robbins part is that “The Road to Dharma” markets an “Online Course in Freedom”. I have no idea if it costs money but you’ve been alerted.

Back to the docuseries…

It’s a spiritual ride across India with The Road to Dharma—a 10-part two-wheel quest to reach the four sacred peaks of Hindu lore.

This ain’t your typical leather-clad bike club.

It’s a group of wandering truth-seekers led by prophet-like Anand on a 20-day trek to holy mountain temples.

They kick off under monsoon rains in Rishikesh, the birthplace of yoga along the Ganges River.

Their sights are set on the first revered peak, Kedarnath—a Shiva temple sitting at 11,755 feet known as the gateway to the afterlife.

The summit offers a chance to shed ego and worldly fears before reaching Tungnath at over 13,000 feet; the next precipice punctures the heavens with feminine vibrations.

After that, it’s a visit to the Hidden Valley’s explosive floral landscape and then ascending to 15,000 feet at Hemkund Sahib, a Sikh shrine by a frozen glacial lake.

The journey ends where it began along Mother Ganga’s banks.

Ten episodes trace each twist and turn, from marital dustups to holy visions.

Watch “Road to Dharma” for free (with ads) on Freevee, Tubi or Roku. Or you can buy it on Apple TV, Amazon and Google Play. The latest streaming options should be here:

29) No Room For Error (2023)

“No Room For Error” is an 8 episode docuseries on the 2022 Isle of Man TT Race.

The series launched on May 22, 2023 in England over 4 straight nights on ITV4 and ITVX.

Then, TT+ broke it into 8 episodes.

‘No Room for Error’ the brand new high-stakes documentary series that follows the elite band of athletes that compete in the Isle of Man TT Races will launch 9pm, Monday 22nd May.

Riders profiled include:

  • John McGuinness MBE (23-time winner)
  • Peter Hickman (lap record ohlder)
  • Michael Dunlop (21-time winner)
  • Dean Harrison
  • Lee Johnston
  • James Hillier

In addition to footage, it’s got behind-the-scenes video of the racers’ families such as Dean Harrison with his young crying daughter and James Hillier talking to his mom.

Unfortunately, 6 riders lost their life in the 2022 TT. “No Room for Error” covers riders’ take on this inevitability.

The only place (I see) that you can watch “No Room for Error” is on TT+ at where it’s (currently) free in exchange for registering with your email

30) Speed is My Need

This 75 min. doc (directed by Mark Sloper) has interviews with MotoGP racing legends like Peter ‘Hicky’ Hickman (fastest at Isle of Man TT), Colin Texas Tornado” Edwards, ‘Fast’ Freddie Spencer and ‘Rocket” Ron Haslam and son Leon Haslam (the British Champion).

The TT footage is from 2018 and earlier.

Watch “Speed is My Need” for free on Hoopla (with library/university card) or for free (with ads) on Tubi and Freevee. You can also rent it for $ on Amazon, YouTube and Vudu/Fandango.

Check here for the latest streaming options:

Netflix Motorcycle Documentaries

It’s really strange, but right now I can not find a single motorcycle documentary on Netflix (U.S.) today is Feb. 17, 2024).

As I mention above, I think “Unchained: The Untold Story of Freestyle Motocross” (2016) was on Netflix at one point.

And I recall that “Speed is my Need” was on Netflix shortly after it came out (around 2019).

It’s weird. When I go to the Netflix search engine, I see sub-headings like MotoGP but when I click on it I get Formula 1 and The Redeem Team as the first results. No

There are some scripted motorcycle dramas on Netflix such as Maverix (a scripted motocross docuseries) and Centaura (an adrenaline drama about a superbike racer).

I’ll keep an eye out for any new motorcycle documentaries that Netflix adds.

Thanks for reading!