The Biggest Little Farm

In 2010, married couple Molly and John Chester leave their old lives in Los Angeles behind buy an abandoned, 234-acre farm near Moorpark in neighboring Ventura County, California.

It’s a promise they made to their dog “Todd”. They face hardship and happiness as they transform the arid landscape into the fully functional Apricot Lane Farms with a biodiverse habitat for neighboring flora and fauna.

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  • Genre: Environmental, Agriculture
  • Released: May 10, 2019
  • Director: John Chester
  • Narrator: John Chester
  • Duration: 91 minutes

My Favorite Parts (Includes Spoiler Alerts!)

  • Will the predator coyote keep killing 100s of their chickens? Who will take care of the starling birds that are eating all their fruit? 3 wildfires surround their property…mom and son flee. Their mentor had a vision for their farm, provided guidance but had to leave.
  • Emma the pig is one of the most memorable characters (making friends with the rooster!)
  • Diverse Ecosystem: They employ regenerative farming practices, reintroducing diverse flora and fauna to create a balanced ecosystem.
  • Pest Challenges: The farm faces a significant snail infestation. Instead of pesticides, they introduce ducks, which naturally and efficiently eat the snails.
  • Coyote Dilemma: A pack of coyotes threatens the farm’s chicken population, forcing the Chesters to make difficult decisions about coexistence and farm safety.
  • Wildfires: The California wildfires approach the farm, showcasing the broader environmental challenges and the impact of sustainable farming practices during such crises.
  • Soil Health: The documentary delves deep into the importance of soil, highlighting the transformation from lifeless dirt to a thriving microbial environment.
  • Guardian Dogs: To protect their livestock from predators, the farm raises guardian dogs, emphasizing the balance between nature and farming.
  • Bees and Pollination: The farm’s orchard flourishes with the introduction of bees, underscoring the essential role pollinators play in food production.
  • Circle of Life: A scene where an old sick pig dies, but its death nurtures the soil and helps in the growth of a lemon tree, beautifully encapsulating the circle of life and the interconnectedness of all beings.
  • The Biggest Little Farm has a great soundtrack including Sun, Flood, Or Drought from The Avett Brothers

There was a sequel to Biggest Little Farm called “The Biggest Little Farm: The Return” — I haven’t watched it yet. It’s on Disney+ here:

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