Every Job in a Michelin-Star Restaurant (Crown Shy in NYC)

Bon Appétit did a nice 13 minute video showing every job at Crown Shy, the Michelin-Star restaurant in New York City.

Crown Shy serves 1,000 dishes to 250 guests…every night.

The team of 48 consists of:

  • 11 in the Kitchen
  • 10 in Dining Room
  • 9 in Beverage
  • 7 Commis (junior chefs)
  • 5 in Management
  • 4 in Pastry
  • 2 Porters.

They work long hours — shifts range from 8 hours to 12 hours with most being in the 10 hour range.

If you want to see another Michelin-star restaurant up close, check out my 1,200-word review of the Troisgros family and their La Maison Troisgros restaurant. They’ve held a Michelin star for 50 years!: https://dailydoc.com/menus-plaisirs-les-troisgros/

Thanks for reading!

Thanks to the gang at Colossus for pointing this video out.

Rob Kelly, Chief Maniac, Daily Doc