John Lennon: Murder Without a Trial

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It’s wild how few flicks we’ve got on Lennon’s final day.

Now, a new angle: an interview with Lennon that day; vid of Lennon in the recording studio just an hour before; and new eyewitnesses who saw him shot at The Dakota.

Some highlights (spoiler alert!):

  • Motive? Murderer Mark Chapman was a huge Beatles fan (and excellent guitarist) until he heard John Lennon say that the Beatles were more popular than Jesus.
  • Why no trial? — Chapman’s legal eagles, playing the insanity card for a not-guilty, hoped for treatment behind bars. But Chapman, in a twist, nixed that play. The night before the trial, he claims a divine jailhouse visit, a chat with God no less, urging him to plead guilty. Quite the legal loop-de-loop.
  • McCartney’s Reaction — Strange video footage of Paul reacting to the press about John’s murder. He comes across flippant by saying it’s a “drag”.