Michael Jackson on Fire Diorama

This isn’t your normal documentary. Artist Bobby Fingers builds a Michael Jackson action figure diorama.

Right before our very eyes!

The “how to” part of this alone makes it worth watching. But it’s the funny commentary that puts it over the top.

Thanks, Tim Ferriss for pointing it out in his 5-Bullet Friday.


Where to Watch

My Favorite Parts (includes Spoiler Alerts)

  • People watching Michael Jackson on fire thought he was going to die (21:26)
  • The mock video of the diorama with what appears to be Bobby Fingers dressed as MJ singing an MJ-like story including the “Dickie don’t F$UCK my sister” chorus.
  • It’s so cool that he buries the diorama in the woods.
  • 24:40 is another laugh-out-loud moment with his reference to MJ’s being in Hell for what’s he “allegedly” done to children.
  • The GPS coordinates for the location of the diorama are hidden within the video.

Bobby Fingers has other diorama examples (including other action figures). I’ll be watching those videos and will post ones on Daily Doc if they’re this level quality.

Thanks for reading!

Rob Kelly

Chief Maniac, Daily Doc