Ren Faire

Imagine “Game of Thrones” meets “Succession,” set in the wild world of America’s largest renaissance festival.

When the eccentric king George announces his retirement to focus on his bizarre goal of being “screwed to death,” chaos erupts in Todd Mission, TX.

An epic power struggle ensues between an actor, a former elephant trainer, and a kettle-corn mogul, each vying for control of George’s 1,278-acre kingdom.

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  • My Rating: 93/100
  • IMDB Rating: 6.8/10
  • Rotten Tomatoes Ratings: 94/100 (Users); 100/100 (Critics)

Release Date: June 2, 2024

Review of “Ren”

Here are my notes from the 3-part series:

Episode 1: Daddy’s Dyin’, Who’s Got The Will?

Release Date: Sun, Jun 2, 2024 Rating: 7.0/10 (67)

In this premiere episode, King George Coulam, the eccentric founder of the Texas Renaissance Festival, is ready to retire. George’s new passions—art, fusing, and his garden—drive his need for a successor. But finding the right person to take over his $4 million business is no easy task.

George is a quirky character, controlled by “Leonard” (his penis) and taking advice from statues he calls his “angels.” Amid his 15 online dating profiles, he seeks a companion, but his latest date proves awkward as he bluntly inquires about her natural breasts and expresses his disdain for youthful ignorance.

General Manager Jeff Baldwin seems like the obvious choice to succeed George, but his nepotistic tendencies (appointing his wife Brandi as entertainment director) don’t sit well with the king. Meanwhile, Louie Migliaccio, the ambitious kettle-corn vendor, has his eye on buying the festival. The stage is set for a clash of titans, with George’s whimsical yet firm leadership at the center.

Episode 2: Make Big Choices

Release Date: Sun, Jun 9, 2024 Rating: 6.8/10 (33)

This episode ramps up the drama. George’s assistant blasts Enya all day long, creating a serene, yet tense atmosphere. Jeff Baldwin continues his two-faced strategy—sucking up to George while bossing everyone around behind his back.

George’s personal life is equally chaotic. On a date with Hope (who he mistakenly calls Cynthia), George shows his disdain for the young, poetry-illiterate companions he’s been dating.

His frustration is palpable as he faces the reality of his potential sale. The rich Kettle Corn vendor, Louie, intensifies his bid for control, while Darla Smith, a former elephant trainer, enters the fray with her own agenda and is named Co-General Manager.

Darla views Louie as the best successor, setting the stage for a power struggle that’s both intense and entertaining.

Episode 3: We’re Done!

Release Date: Sun, Jun 9, 2024 Rating: 6.8/10 (29)

The tension hits its peak in the season’s third episode. George rejects Louie’s bid, blaming Jeff for the failure. George’s retirement dreams involve a $2 million splurge on art, another $2 million on his garden, and the rest on himself. However, the transition is anything but smooth.

George fires Jeff and places Darla in charge, but immediately criticizes her lack of a marketing plan and literary knowledge—key in George’s bizarre leadership style.

The “Greeks,” another group of vendors, emerge as potential buyers, with George asking for a hefty $60 million. Yet, the chaos continues as Louie’s deal collapses, Darla gets fired, and Jeff remains entertainment director.

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