The day I tried to match Churchill drink for drink

Here’s a 2-minute recreation of a day in the life of Winston Churchill’s drinking.

Journalist Harry Wallop is the host/narrator in the video.

Thanks to Winston Bennett for giving me the tip over our Tequillas in Columbia, MO at Capital Camp.


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Best Parts of the Video (according to user comments)

There are 3,000+ comments on this video. Here are some themes/highlights:

  1. Many users think the amount of alcohol consumed by Churchill in a day is not actually that impressive. For example: “This isn’t that much booze. Unless the cognac sends you over the edge.” – @Shifty1940 “Honestly nothing special, they are so dilluted, and he would have been well fed so that will soak majority of the alcohol.” – @Prof.Pwnalot “That’s really not that much” – @telesniper2
  2. Some question how Churchill was able to function and lead effectively while drinking so much. For instance: “How did he have time to lead a country through its darkest hour when he would have been in the loo half the time?” – @KyleMiddleton7. “Honestly, its a bit grotesque to describe yourself as being “in awe” of an alcoholics alcoholism. But what else do you expect from the telegraph.” – @ondank
  3. Several comment that the presenter in the video is a “lightweight” compared to Churchill’s alcohol tolerance that was built up over time. Examples include: “Thing is he isn’t match fit. Hasn’t had the 40 years of training” – @tallthinkev “Churchill was substantially heavier than this guy, which I think greatly affected his ability to consume so much alcohol” – @rachelgarber1423
  4. A few users suggest Churchill’s drinking was a coping mechanism for the immense stress and responsibility he faced. As @tarisco614 puts it: “Reading about these great men from history always left me with the same feeling. These guys were all alcoholics. Amazing what they could accomplish despite the obvious serious stress.”
  5. Lastly, some express a desire to see similar videos exploring the vices/routines of other historical figures. @streetliving suggests: “Pretty impressive. Now you need to go up a level and do hunter S Thompson’s daily drink and drug regime” And @andrescubillo7824 says: “Now match Jack Churchill.”

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Rob Kelly

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