“The Larry David Story” Documentary

I’m dedicating this page to the Larry David documentary that got shelved but hopefull will one day come out.

This is the first time I’ve dedicated a page to a doc that’s not out yet. But the spiking of the doc is a weird story and deserves a Web page!

On March 1, 2022 HBO Max was all set to release the 2-part documentary on Larry David (called “The Larry David Story”). Then, the night before the release, Larry David reportedly killed the doc.

It’s never been released. Below is the trailer for the doc.

Below that is some key info from 4 different reporters covering the “Larry David Kills His Own Doc” story.

Trailer for Larry David Documentary

Watch “The Larry David Story” [hopefully coming soon!]

I usually have links here to the full doc, but right now, the only video of the Larry David documentary is the trailer above. You can watch it clicking the embed above or going to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lcYgF6Wc8Rw&t=19s.

I’ll keep an eye out on the HBO schedule for the Larry David doc or any other footage from it.

The Backstory of the Larry David Documentary

If you like “inside baseball”, here’s a summary of 4 reporters doing a better job than me covering the story. Here’s a summary of what each has written:

  • Matthew Belloni, Puck (March 1, 2022): In a move akin to his “Curb” persona, Larry David shelved his HBO documentary, a personal project with Larry Charles. Originally planned as a small-scale interview, the film’s scope expanded, prompting David to aim for a redo that better reflected his career and life. Source: “Larry David Just Shelved His Own Documentary Before It Aired”
  • Rick Porter, Hollywood Reporter (March 1, 2022): The documentary “The Larry David Story,” featuring a conversation between David and Larry Charles, was pulled by David on March 1. He expressed a desire for the interview to be filmed before a live audience, leaving the future of the already-completed documentary uncertain. Source: “HBO’s Larry David Documentary Pulled a Day Before Premiere”
  • Arvind Rao, MEAWW.com (March 2, 2022): HBO delayed “The Larry David Story” just before its premiere, as David wanted a live audience for the screening. The documentary aimed to explore David’s journey from a Brooklyn kid to a comedy legend, but the last-minute change reflects David’s unique approach to storytelling. Source: “Here’s why HBO CANCELED ‘The Larry David Story’ hours before premiere”
  • Matt Solomon, Cracked Magazine (November 29, 2023): After David pulled his HBO documentary, directed by Larry Charles, the film’s release remains uncertain. David, initially doing a favor for Charles, retracted the documentary influenced by Puck’s report, potentially straining their long-standing friendship and collaboration dating back to the early 1980s. Source: “‘Curb’ Collaborators Larry David and Larry Charles ‘May Never Talk’ After Documentary Rift”

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