The Mystery of the Egyptian Desert Glass

It’s “Indiana Jones” meets “Armageddon”.

Thanks to Carl the Dentist for turning me on to this “gem” of a documentary.


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My Review

This story begins in 1996, at Cairo’s Egyptian Museum.

Italian mineralogist Vincenzo de Michele made a stunning find. He discovered a unique yellow-green gem. It was embedded in one of Tutankhamun’s necklaces.

Testing revealed it wasn’t a gem. It was glass, predating Egyptian civilization.

Michele teamed up with Egyptian geologist Aly Barakat. Together, they traced its origins. They ventured into the remote Sahara.

There, they found similar glass scattered across the sand.

The documentary (from BBC’s Horizon science series) introduces American physicist Mark Boslough.

He provides a thrilling scientific perspective — and theory.

What if it was a meteor that created this glass. They compare it to trinitite, formed by atomic bomb blasts.

The team visits New Mexico’s atomic test sites. This illustrates the glass’s violent creation.

Their quest spans continents and climates. From the Sahara’s Great Sand Sea to icy Siberia. Each location brings them closer to the truth.

They delve into scientific methods. They examine impact craters and meteoritic evidence.

The narrative skillfully ties Tutankhamun’s artifact to cosmic events.

It suggests a celestial origin for the necklace’s glass. This idea marries ancient history with modern science. It highlights the enduring impact of celestial phenomena.

The doc also ponders future risks. Meteor impacts remain a potential threat.

This adds urgency to their scientific endeavors.

There are other theories.

Some scientists speculate a colossal meteorite explosion crafted this glass. The Sahara, hosting this glass, endures extreme dry spells.

Rainfall may not grace its sands for up to twenty years at a time, preserving the glass in pristine condition.

Some experts believe the glass results from one of approximately 200 known impact craters.

These craters bear witness to Earth’s turbulent cosmic interactions.

The specific meteorite responsible was immensely powerful. Its force likely surpassed the first atomic bomb by 10,000 times. This staggering estimate underscores the potential danger and power of celestial objects.

“The Mystery of the Egyptian Desert Glass” is a scientific adventure. It connects pharaonic treasures with space events.

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