Trigger: The “Dogfather” of the Guide Dog World

What a stud!

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Meet Trigger, the Canine Casanova and Stud of the Guide Dog World

This 9-year-old golden retriever has been a busy boy, fathering a whopping 323 puppies during his illustrious career at the charity called

That’s right, 323 little bundles of furry joy, all thanks to Trigger’s, ahem, tireless efforts.

His 39th litter (yes, 39!) was just 9 weeks ago.

Despite his extensive brood, Trigger has remained an easygoing and gentle soul.

His owner, Sarah, says he’s taken it all in his stride, although keeping track of all his offspring can be quite the challenge.

Sarah does her best to keep in touch with a couple of the litters.

But I can’t blame her.

One litter produced a record-breaking 16 puppies.

That’s simply too much to do for all of them.

Sometimes, all that work did take its toll on our Canine Casanova.

Sarah recalls times when Trigger needed a break.

And you could see the disappointment on his face when a visit to the center turned out to be just for an eye checkup.

Out of Trigger’s 329 offspring, 294 were bred to be guide dogs, while the remaining pups went into other assistance roles.

Trigger’s offspring pups are all over the U.K. (London, Glasgow, Cardiff) and two of his litters were born abroad in France and the Netherlands.

These puppies have a higher calling. They are destined to become the eyes and confidence boosters for blind and partially sighted folks.

These pups help them navigate the world with a little more ease and a lot more tail wagging.

As Trigger hangs up his breeding boots and enters a period of well-earned retirement, his final litter of six puppies, including the adorable 9-week-old Jenny, are just starting their own journey.

Volunteer puppy raiser Helen, who is providing a home for Jenny during her first year, feels honored to have a pup from Trigger’s last litter.

She describes Trigger’s achievement as “absolutely phenomenal.”

So here’s to Trigger, the guide dog world’s most prolific papa, truly earning him the title of “The Dog Father.”

May his legacy live on through the countless lives his offspring will touch, serving to help others live independently.

And may we all aspire to be as dedicated to our life’s work as this very good boy has been to his.

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