True Facts About the Angler Fish

Here’s a funny short documentary on the Angler Fish.

My favorite part is at the 55 second mark:

“Here, an angler fish compares its camouflaging skills with that of a flounder, also a master- h o l y c r a p did you – what the fu- “

— Ze Frank


  • My Rating: 96/100
  • IMDB Rating: 9/1/10 (this is IMDB users’ rating of the entire True Facts set of videos by Ze Frank)
  • Rotten Tomatoes Ratings: na

Summary of the Video

Explore the deep sea world of the anglerfish through the hilarious Ze Frank.

The Angler Fish is as fascinating as it is grotesque. The female displays an array of unattractive features. In contrast, the male is tiny but committed.

He fuses into her, sacrificing his organs and independence. Ultimately, he becomes just a pair of reproductive gonads.

The anglerfish also masters the art of disguise. It blends perfectly with the ocean floor. It uses a bacteria-laden lure to trap prey.

Whether it’s a scarf for a shrimp or a stylish hat, each lure is a deadly trap. This predator turns hunting into a macabre light show.

In the dark, crushing depths, life is perilous. The anglerfish illuminates the murk to attract meals. Survival here depends on deception and stealth. These creatures showcase the harsh reality of deep-sea life. Their existence highlights innovative survival tactics in the ocean’s abyss.

Best Parts of the Video (according to user comments)

  • Male Anglerfish’s Sacrifice: The male anglerfish fuses into the female, becoming just gonads. Comments like “Losing his heart, brain, and eyes”. It’s called love” and “Every time I feel too clingy, I just remember that at the very least I don’t digest my own face and fuse myself with my partner” show viewers are amused by this extreme reproductive strategy.
  • Comparisons to Human Relationships: Many comments humorously compare anglerfish mating to human relationships. Quips like “Female human: omg my boyfriend is so clingy! Female angler fish: Hold my husband” highlight the absurdity.
  • Anglerfish’s Appearance: The anglerfish’s look, described as a “rainbow of ugly,” amused viewers. Comments like “It’s like a rainbow… of ugly” got thousands of likes, showing collective amusement.
  • Narrative Style and Surprise Elements: Viewers loved the narrative’s surprising elements and comedic timing. Sudden interruptions like “compares its camouflaging skills with that of a flounder also a master- h o l y c r a p did you- what the fu- “ delighted viewers unexpectedly.
  • Light-hearted Commentary: Light-hearted comments, such as “because someone needs to light up that pretty pretty lady,” kept the content engaging and fun.

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Rob Kelly, Chief Maniac, Daily Doc