World Safari

Two Australians, Alby Mangels and John Stanton, explore the world with $400 each.

At the last minute, they bring a 15 millimeter video camera. Neither had every held a video camera before.

They ended up filming their journey through 56 countries and 4 continents.

Watch “World Safari”

You can watch “World Safari” for free on YouTube by clicking the video embeds below.

And, yes, I know the videos look like someone snuck a camcorder into the movie theater and filmed it. But it’s the best I could find!

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  • My Rating: 96/100
  • IMDB Rating: 8.4/10
  • Rotten Tomatoes Ratings: not available

Review of “World Safari”

“World Safari,” the 1977 classic, is an adventure-seeker’s dream. Alby Mangels, the Aussie daredevil, takes us on a wild ride.

Picture this: a young guy, just 21, zooming around the globe. He’s got his mate, John Stanton, and a film camera.

They’re chasing thrills (some girls), but hardly ever comfort.

Alby’s journey is no luxe escape. It’s rugged, raw, with a ’70s vibe.

The doc is a time capsule. It takes us back, when travel was less about hashtags, more about discovery.

Mangels is like your fearless, slightly mad buddy. He’s not just exploring places; he’s diving headfirst into cultures.

Here are some highlights of their 6-year journey including (roughly) the order of locations they visited:

  • Sydney, Australia – Journey begins on the Clarabelle sailboat
  • Tonga – Reached after 30 days at sea
  • Palmyra, abandoned US Army island – Find jeeps, army vehicles, copper wire, concrete dome, washing machines, tents for 400 soldiers, 150 HP diesel engine, 44 gallon petrol drums, bathtub
  • Hong Kong – Sell 4 tons of copper wire for a tidy sum, install new 150 HP engine into Clarabelle
  • Gilbert Islands – Catch tuna nearly as big as them and moray eels
  • Guam – Join weekly pig roast feasts, watch cock fights with sharpened spikes on claws
  • Tokyo, Japan – Decide to leave the Clarabelle sailboat to acquire their own boat
  • Mount Fuji, Japan
  • Sapporo, Japan – 1972 Winter Olympics
  • Thailand – Rescue parrot flown off course, catch barracudas as big as 3 feet claw to claw
  • Padang Besar, Thailand – Chimps trained to climb trees and retrieve coconuts
  • Penang, Malaysia – Pedal their own rickshaws
  • Calcutta, India – See extreme poverty, ride elephants
  • New Delhi, India – Attend coming of age ceremony for young girl
  • Bombay, India – Take steamer to Africa, watch cargo ship sink
  • Mombasa, Kenya – See sinking cargo ship and famine, young men searching garbage for food
  • Nairobi, Kenya – Meet fellow Osaka traveler who biked through jungle with machete
  • Kenyan jungle – See lions and tigers in $200 Daf 66 car, lift it out when stuck in mud
  • Massai village, Kenya – See spears
  • Victoria Falls, Africa – Source of the Nile River
  • Cape Town, South Africa – Albi makes $14,000 in commission selling 1 insurance policy a day
  • Sahara Desert – Rescued by nomad after getting lost, given freshly cooked bread, goat butter, dates and tea
  • Gibraltar – Take Chinese cargo ship to Holland
  • Holland – Daf carmaker gives 2 week hotel stay and $10,000
  • Back to Australia – Procure their own yacht called the Gretta Marie

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