The Mystery of Picasso

Here is Picasso up close from 1956. It’s as if Peter Jackson (The Beatles: Get Back) used his Lord of the Rings wizardry to whip this up.

But, no, this doc ((originally called “Le mystère Picasso”) was shot in ’56…clean ( (no A.I./high tech!).

Director Clouzot films Picasso’s creation, real-time. Unique angle: back of the easel. First, simple black and white marker drawings. Then, he moves to intricate collages, oil paintings.

If you enjoy the creative process, check out The 12 Best Documentaries on the Creative Process I wrote (I found 6 other docs that rank higher than this Picasso one!) (warning, art snob: they are not all art!).

Legend says, these Picasso artworks were destroyed after filming. Yet, whispers persist… Some pieces might still exist.

Trailer for “The Mystery of Picasso”

Where to Watch “The Mystery of Picasso”

You can watch The Mystery of Picasso on:

Note: You might notice that YouTube has another documentary on it called “The Mystery of Pablo Picasso (1956 Documentary)”. It claims it’s the Clouzot doc but it’s not. This is a different film though you might like it so here’s the link:


Genre: Art/Documentary
Release Date: 1956
Director: Henri-Georges Clouzot (known for “Le Corbeau”)
Length: 78 minutes

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-Rob Kelly