This is the Last Dam Run of Likker I’ll Ever Make 

Popcorn Sutton is the star here!

“This Is The Last Dam Run Of Likker I’ll Ever Make” dives into legendary moonshiner Popcorn Sutton.

This Popcorn doc is my favorite (but check out “The Best 5 Documentaries on Popcorn Sutton” because #2 through 4 are fun as heck too!)

This doc is raw, uncut, like a real-life “Goodfellas,” minus the mob but with all the anti-hero charm.

Sutton is the Michael Jordan of moonshining, showing off skills and secrets with a swagger that’s half James Dean, half Johnny Cash.

The film feels like a time capsule, a snapshot of a fading Americana, akin to Springsteen’s “Born in the U.S.A.” album.

The storytelling is straightforward, no Hollywood glitter, reminiscent of classic John Wayne westerns – it’s the man and his mission.

It’s a must-watch for those who love underdog stories, a tribute to a man who lived by his own rules, a true moonshine maestro.


Trailer for Popcorn Sutton Documentary

Here’s the trailer for “This Is The Last Dam Run Of Likker I’ll Ever Make”:

Where to Watch the Full Popcorn Sutton Documentary

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Some of my Favorite Parts

  • “As long as you see water weeds and stinging weeds, it’ll make liquor”
  • Popcorn finds “branch lettuce” which he said is ” good eatins” if you add onions and grease.
  • Popcorn says making moonshine is “the hardest damn way to make a living.”
  • Popcorn checks remote mountain streams to find the best water for his moonshine, looking for “water weeds.”
  • Assistant JB and Popcorn build a makeshift furnace for the still using special Tennessee mud that “sets up harder than a minister’s pecker.”
  • Popcorn uses a secret recipe of corn, malt and sugar to make the moonshine mash.
  • JB demonstrates how to make a special paste out of wheat bran and flour to seal the still.
  • Popcorn reflects on close calls with police while transporting moonshine in his old Willys Jeep.
  • Popcorn tricks thieves who were stealing his moonshine by adding Epsom salts to make them sick.
  • Popcorn samples the finished high-proof moonshine, saying “it went to my head just a-flying.”
  • Popcorn dismantles the still, pouring leftover mash on the ground, saying “Them damn wildlife will get drunk now.”
  • Popcorn says making moonshine is a fading tradition and “when I’m gone the damn liquor’s gone.”

Thanks for reading!

-Rob Kelly